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2013/2014 TV Season Favorites!

The Originals - Klaus & Hope

TV is especially good these days!! Although it’s sad that our favorite shows have ended for the season, I’d like to point out my favorites – and then get psyched for summer TV, yay! :)

Here are my top 5 favorite shows from the 2013-2014 TV season:

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

5. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Yay for a Joss Whedon show being on TV AND being popular! It had kind of a slow start but got progressively better and better throughout the season. I loved it! And have been a fan since it started but with that twist about Ward, things got a lot more interesting. Is it bad that I’m still rooting for a Ward/Skye hook-up?

SHIELD - Skye & Ward


4. Supernatural

OMG! That ending!! Dean’s a demon now!! How did that happen?? The first blade and Cain’s mark slowly took away his soul and made him a demon? I knew something epic was going to happen when we saw Metatron kill Dean… And Crowley was being weird in the finale… I wasn’t expecting Dean to turn into a demon though! I canNOT wait to see how they restore his soul or whatever it is they have to do to get him back.

SPN - Dean

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TVD Season 5 Finale: 05×22 “Home” Recap!

46 - Bonnie & Damon

Just watching back that recap makes me want to cry! I still can’t believe they killed Stefan!!

01 - Stefan

Omg, Caroline’s reaction :(

02 - Caroline

Caroline brought Stefan’s body back to Whitmore, and Elena and Damon come running in.

03 - Elena, Damon, Stefan & Caroline

Ahhh, Stefan!! Hold on!!

04 - Stefan

Ahhh, Lexi!!! :)))

05 - Lexi

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TVD 05×21 “Promised Land” Recap!

38 - Stefan Q1

01 - Damon

Damon is torturing a Traveler to try and find where Markos took Stefan and Elena.

02 - Markos & Elena

He’s keeping them locked up, draining them of their blood! Ahh!

03 - Stefan

But some helpful stranger frees Stefan and he gets Elena. And now Stefan and Elena are out and free but don’t know where they are…

05 - Enzo

Enzo’s getting inpatient, throwing objects around the room, until Damon tells him to hitch a ride back to the land of living with Bonnie, since she’s working with Liv on trying to figure out how she can stay too. What? I thought Liv said she couldn’t help Bonnie…

06 - Bonnie

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TVD 05×20 “What Lies Beneath” Recap!

29 - Caroline

01 - Tyler

Tyler wakes up with the Travelers. Eeek, how creepy! Poor Ty.

02 - Wolf Tyler

But then he just wolfed out like a boss! That was awesome.

03 - Stefan Q5

A cloaking spell… Look how smart Stefan is ;)

04 - Tyler

Tyler shows up to the Salvatore mansion to warn them about the Traveler’s plans.

05 - Damon

“You and I and our ex-girlfriend” Lol

06 - Stefan

“Sounds great…” Lol, Stefan.

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TVD 05×19 “Man on Fire” Recap!

18 - Damon

01 - Stefan

Stefan is helping Elena study. And they’re super cute.

02 - Elena

Then Bonnie shows up and dismisses how bad The Other Side situation is…

03 - Bonnie

04 - Stefan Q5

“Did I say ‘Damon’? What I meant to say was ‘George’.” LOL!! I love Stefan!

05 - Jeremy & Matt

Jeremy and Matt realize that the Traveler knife is missing.

06 - Damon

And Damon shows up to get the Traveler knife to start curing some townspeople. But it’s missing, so he’s not happy…

07 - Damon

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