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TVD 05×17 “Rescue Me” Recap!

37 - Stefan & Caroline

01 - Stefan

Omg! Stefan!

02 - Elena

Yeah, that’s right, Elena. Feel bad about having just slept with Damon. He’s the worst. She awkwardly leaves Damon’s bedroom but not before rebutting his advances – thankfully. Get a grip, girl!

03 - Caroline & Enzo

Caroline and Enzo are in Atlanta tracking down Tom Avery – Stefan’s doppleganger. Ooo and Caroline told Sloan what’s up! Yay for Caroline!

04 - Damon

Damon’s at the Grill drinking his sorrows away. And bitching to Matt and Tyler. Ugh, who cares? Go away Damon.

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TVD 05×16 “While You Were Sleeping” Recap!

05 - Elena

Watching this recap, I’m reminded that Damon is the worst.

01 - Elena

02 - Bonnie, Caroline & Matt

That’s weird… So this must be what Elena saw when she was sleeping – or wherever she was when Katherine took over? Or hallucinations she had or something?

03 - Elena

They sealed her in? Dang dude. The gang is keeping Elena locked up at Whitmore.

04 - Stefan Q5

Sucks for you, Elena.

05 - Elena

06 - Stefan

*Sigh*, Stefan is so dreamy.

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TVD 05×15 “Gone Girl” Recap!

29 - Katherine & Nadia

01 - Nadia

Nadia remembers her long journey, searching for her mother as she is hallucinating from her hybrid bite, courtesy of Tyler Lockwood.

02 - Katherine & Wes

Omg, wtf Katherine?! You called Dr. Wes?! Oh yeah, this is going to end well… He agrees to help them, so he can have the opportunity to study werewolf venom in a vampire.

04 - Stefan Q3

Stefan tells Damon about Katherine being in Elena’s body.

03 - Damon

Oh Damon, Katherine was never your “nemesis.” C’mon dude.

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TVD 05×14 “No Exit” Recap!

09 - Damon & Enzo

01 - Damon

It looks like it’s bad news bears for Damon! How are they gonna get him out of this one?! He’s feeding on vampires! And probably loving it. Eeek!

Oh my goodness… Enzo is making vampires for Damon to feed on… I have to admit though, I like their friendship. Damon is such a douchebag to everyone but he should have a friend.

02 - Stefan & Katherine

Stefan is helping “Elena” study and Caroline shows up, yay!

04 - Tyler calling Caroline

Ugh, Tyler! Leave Caroline alone. Remember how he almost killed you not that long ago?? Yeah.

05 - Caroline

Ah! I love my Stefan and Caroline scenes! <3

05 - Stefan Q3B

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TVD 05×13 “Total Eclipse of the Heart” Recap!

16 - Q5 Stefan

01 - Katherine

Katherine is the greatest, LOL! She loves her life, being Elena Gilbert, haha! AND I love how she wants Stefan ;)

02 - Stelena

03 - Bitter Ball

Caroline convinces Elena/Katherine and Bonnie to go to this Bitter Ball – a ball for bitter singles – and Bonnie notices this chick sitting next to her in class showing some witchy powers.

04 - Bonnie

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