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Spring 2013 TV Schedule!

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AnjuliTV Spring 2013 Schedule

New year, new TV! Yay! So excited that my favorite shows are back, and am looking forward to new ones like The Carrie Diaries, The Following and Cult (premiering in February)! Here’s what I’m watching:

Spring '13 TV Mondays


8pm: How I Met Your Mother (CBS), The Carrie Diaries (CW), Bones (FOX) & Switched at Birth (ABC Family)

9pm: Being Human (Syfy), The Following (FOX) & Dallas (TNT)

*Dallas premieres January 28th

10pm: Castle (ABC), Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) & Lost Girl (Syfy)

Spring '13 TV Tuesdays


8pm: Hart of Dixie (CW) & Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family)

9pm: Happy Endings (ABC), Go On (NBC) & Face Off (Syfy)

*Smash replaces Go On & The New Normal in the 9pm slot starting February 5th

*Cult premieres February 19th at 9pm on the CW

9:30pm: Don’t Trust the B in Apt 23 (ABC) & The New Normal (NBC)

10pm: Cougar Town (TBS), Parenthood (NBC) & Body of Proof (ABC)

*Body of Proof premieres February 5th

Spring '13 TV Wednesdays


8pm: Arrow (CW)

8:30pm: The Neighbors (ABC)

9pm: Supernatural (CW) & Modern Family (ABC)

9:30pm: Suburgatory (ABC)

10pm: Nashville (ABC), Chicago Fire (NBC) & Necessary Roughness (USA)

Spring '13 TV Thursdays


8pm: The Vampire Diaries (CW) & Community (NBC)

*Community premieres February 7th

8:30pm: Up All Night (NBC)

9pm: Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) & Project Runway (Lifetime)

Spring '13 TV Fridays


9pm: Grimm (NBC)

Spring '13 TV Sundays


8pm: Once Upon a Time (ABC)

9pm: Revenge (ABC) & Girls (HBO)


Yay for TV!

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Happy Father’s Day! Here are some of My Favorite TV Dads…

Fave TV Dads Thumbnail

In honor of Father’s Day this year, I decided to take a look back at some of my favorite dads in TV history!

Full House: Danny Tanner & (Uncle) Jesse Katsopolis (& Joey Gladstone)

Although Joey isn’t a dad, he did help both Danny and Jesse raise their kids, so I included him! :)

Grey’s Anatomy: Dr. Mark Sloan & Dr. Derek Shepherd

Dawson’s Creek: Mitch Leery

The Cosby Show: Dr. Cliff Huxtable

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New TV Schedule!

Some shows have ended (*sniff* One Tree Hill *sniff*) and new shows are starting, so I’ve updated my TV watching schedule!


8pm: How I Met Your Mother (CBS), Bones (FOX), Dancing with the Stars (ABC) & The Voice (NBC)

9pm: Hart of Dixie (CW) & Being Human (Syfy)

10pm: Castle (ABC), Hawaii Five-0 (CBS), Smash (NBC), & Lost Girl (Syfy)


8:30pm: Cougar Town (ABC)

9pm: Ringer (CW)

10pm: Body of Proof (ABC)


8pm: American Idol (FOX) [Go Phillip Phillips!! :)]

8:30pm: Suburgatory (ABC)

9pm: Modern Family (ABC)

9:30pm: Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 (ABC)

10pm: Revenge (ABC) & Hot in Cleveland (TV Land)


8pm: The Vampire Diaries (CW), Community (NBC) & American Idol (FOX)

9pm: Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) & The Secret Circle (CW)

9:30pm: Up All Night (NBC)


8pm: Who Do You Think You Are? (NBC)

9pm: Supernatural (CW) & Grimm (NBC)

10pm: Magic City (Starz) [Yay for Jeffrey Dean Morgan finally getting his own show!!]


8pm: Once Upon a Time (ABC)

9pm: Desperate Housewives (ABC)

10pm: GCB (ABC)

Yay for TV!

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Christmas TV Fun-Times!

It’s December and you know what that means: Christmas TV Fun-Times!! Have I mentioned before how I love my favorite TV-land characters showing off the holiday-filled craziness? I believe I have, and here’s some more of my favorites:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: S03x10 “Amends”

One of my favorite Buffy episodes ever!! It’s Christmas in Sunnydale and the First (S7‘s “Big Bad” making its first appearance) is haunting Angel hard-core, trying to get him to “release” his inner Angelus – with Buffy’s assistance. And/or kill her. Whatever it’d take to get bad-ass Angelus to come out and play. But Angel can’t hurt Buffy like that again and decides to kill himself! But not before we get to see some sexy “Bangel” action as they keep appearing in each other’s dreams and doing it and all… I swear these two just ooze chemistry whenever they’re together, I love it!

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Halloween-ed TV Favorites!

Yay for Halloween TV favorites! Some of my favorite shows have the best Halloween episodes! There are probably more out there but here are some awesome eps I like to watch again and again this time of year…

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