True Blood: “Authority Always Wins”

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Why do I have this feeling that Tara becoming a vampire isn’t going to be the smoothest transition?

  • LOL, Pam… “I am [doing something], I’m laughing.”
  • Of course Tara is effing crazy, what did you guys think was gonna happen?? She was the worst before, so she’s pretty much still gonna be the worst now.
  • Ew, all them werewolves eating Marcus is just wrong…
  • You tell them, Alcide!
  • Aw, I like Luna.
  • Ok, wtf Terry?! All of a sudden he has PTSD? He never really had it before, did he?
  • Tara is a freaking psycho. For realz.
  • I love when shows do flashbacks like this.
  • The UV’s? Holy sh*t.
  • Poor Sam.
  • Stand your ground, Luna – do not let your child be around psycho-Marcus-momma.
  • I ♥ Jason Stackhouse.
  • Aaaand Terry’s losing it.
  • I like these Sookie & Lafayette scenes.
  • Haha! “Ohhh, crazy Sharon. Yeah.”
  • It’s interesting to see how Pam & Eric first met. I like it.
  • “It’s wonderful being a vampire. Isn’t it?” “Generally, yes. Right now… not so much.”
  • LOL, Steve Newlin. I don’t even know what to say, guy. Nice dance moves?
  • Hahaha, I love Jessica. I also love her running Bill’s house in his absence.
  • Scott Foley!
  • Scott Foley, I love you!
  • Ok, I just had to get the Scott Foley loveliness show-out out of my system. How can you look at him and not shout-out how much you love him? I don’t know. I can’t. Anyways, back to the show.
  • “We’re over!” Aw, c’mon Hoyt. Forgive Jason!
  • Oh sh*t!! She’s a cute little puppy though.
  • Ah, great. Tara’s loose.
  • Roman. I’m already a bit scared of you.
  • Ew! That’s what he looks like now?? Gross.

After Thoughts:

Wow, that was kinda gross at the end. But awesome none-the-less! I’m not sure how I feel about Tara. I never really liked her before and now she seems like she’s more trouble than it’s worth. Sookie and Lafayette should’ve just let her die.

I like these going into Pam’s memories scenes. It’s fun to see when and how Pam and Eric met – I wanna know more!

Roman is scary cool. I like it. I like him. But I’m scared of him. But I like it? I do.

I’m confused about what’s going on with Terry… So he has PTSD now, or what? Or is it just Patrick’s presence in Bon Temps that’s making him go a bit crazy?

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