Spring 2012 Finales: Supernatural!

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Supernatural! Yay! Will Sam & Dean beat Dick Roman?? Yes. Yes they will. Because they are awesome. And I love them. And they still have Bobby and Cas! Although Cas is a bit bonkers now. And Bobby is a ghost.

This isn’t going to end well…

  • Can I just say how much I love every season finale? “The Road So Far” & “Carry On My Wayward Son.” Love.
  • “How do you take it?” “Alcoholic.” I love Crowley.
  • “…and yet here we are negotiating like proper psychopaths.”
  • Oh no, Crowley. Don’t screw over Sam & Dean! Don’t do it, guy.
  • Ah Dean, you’re so sexy. I don’t think it’s fair to be that good looking.
  • “Let’s bone this nun.” LOL. I love you, Dean.
  • LOL: “go ask him, he was your boyfriend first.”
  • I love how zen Cas is. He’s almost like Future Cas.
  • Ah Crowley, one can never tell who you’re screwing over, can they…
  • Oh no, Bobby, no.
  • Please be able to bring Bobby back! Don’t kill him for realz, guys! Please :(
  • Um yeah, Sam just picked up that lady like she was a baby. Dang Sammy.
  • Nooo, I don’t want Bobby to go away for good! :*(
  • Cas and his board games…
  • Aw, the Impala’s back!
  • Cas!
  • Oh no…
  • Ew.
  • Those extra dripping sounds were extra gross.
  • Wtf happened to Dean and Cas??
  • “Sorry Moose.” Love.
  • Shiz, wtf?
  • Purgatory??
  • Cas! Don’t leave my Dean!!!
  • Wtf, really??? That’s how you leave me?

What is it with these shows leaving me hanging like this?!? I don’t like it. I know they like to have cliffhangers but c’mon!! :( What is Sammy gonna do now?? Where did Cas go?? How the hell is Dean gonna get out?!? Ahh!!! Why do shows do this to me…

*Favorite Moment*

Dean and Cas’ bonding moment and Cas saying that Dean was basically saying he forgives him.

*What I Can’t Wait Most About Next Season*

To see what the f happens to Dean! My love!

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*Photos courtesy of The CW

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