Spring 2012 Finales: Once Upon a Time!

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Ah, this show! It’s been one of my favorite new shows this season!! (Here’s My Favorite New Shows of Fall 2011! post that includes Once Upon a Time) This season has been amazing, I didn’t realize how much I was going to fall in love with Snow White and Prince Charming, how much I’d hate the Evil Queen, and just how magically awesome – literally – every other character is on this show! And I feel like we’ve only scratched the surface. We’ve briefly gotten to know a little more about most of the characters and I’m excited to dive more into that next season!

  • The sheriff! Well, former sheriff…the huntsman, rather. Jamie Dornan! Yay! I love you.
  • Omg, I just got goosebumps!! Emma, you better be start believing, girl!!
  • “Actually he goes by ‘Rumpelstiltskin.’” Ahhh, I love it!!
  • “What is that?” “Your father’s sword.” How exciting!!!
  • Oh no, Pinocchio!
  • Maleficent!
  • Yes, Emma is gonna have to slay a dragon!!
  • LOL! Emma’s face when she sees the dragon.
  • You go, Jefferson – f the Queen!
  • Beauty!!
  • Ok enough with the gun, Emma – get the damn sword. He gave it to you for a reason.
  • I know that Snow White’s not dead and she’s about to wake up when Charming kisses her but still with the tears in my eyes ♥  and more goosebumps! ♥
  • No! Henry can’t be dead! No! :*(
  • Omg! I love that the “true love” to break the curse is Emma & Henry!! ♥ There is no love greater than between a mother and her child.
  • Finally Emma!!
  • Magic is coming? And it’s bad? Isn’t that good?
  • Oh no, why is she smiling?! Ok, this isn’t good…

What a fantastic finale!! So amazing! So awesome! They all know who they are now and what’s happened to them. Henry almost died and Emma saved him with true love’s kiss! Prince and Snow are back together! I love love love it!! I am so excited to see what next season is going to bring, yay!!

*Favorite Moment*

Emma breaking the curse!

*What I Can’t Wait Most About Next Season*

What this magic that is coming means!

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