Spring 2012 Finales: The Secret Circle!

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Yay! I love The Secret Circle so much and this season has been awesome. I really really hope the CW renews it and we have a season 2 because I feel like we’re just scratching the surface of how great this show can be! And I need Adam and Cassie to get back together and I’m pretty sure it’s not going to happen in this episode. Also, I really want to trust Blackwell. I’m hoping that he’s actually been good this whole time and there’s just been some sort of mix up in the should we trust or not trust him debate. Although, saying that seems like I’m already wrong…

  • Joe Lando is so perfect as Blackwell! I seriously can never tell if he’s sincere or if he’s actually evil.
  • Ew, I’m not digging Diana lately.
  • The circle’s gonna be unbound? I think most of them are gonna be happy about it. Especially Faye.
  • Yeah girl, use your solo magic and get the f outta there!
  • Ugh, not this b (Diana’s grandmother)…
  • Dang dude, Cassie is so badass, I love her.
  • Aw, I really like Adam & Melissa’s friendship. They’re becoming besties. It’s so cute.
  • Oh shiz. Please don’t be evil Blackwell, please don’t be evil.
  • Yo guy, you’ll never get any sort of “redemption,” ok? You killed Amelia! Amelia! Cassie’s mom. I can’t wait for her to find out and strike her revenge. No sympathy for Charles. Ever. Sorry dude.
  • Aw, Jake was actually genuinely worried about Faye. That li’l smooch there was super cute. You just earned yourself some points, Jakey.
  • Wait… so I’m confused… Eben is a demon? Or rather, a demon is in control of Eben’s body? So he’s not working with a witch? Or is he? …
  • Oh shiz, what is he doing?? Is he putting the demon in him on purpose?
  • Aw, that was a nice moment for Jake. Nice that he could be the one to kill Eben. For their families, and for Nick.
  • So Blackwell is evil…
  • Good, Charles should die. Sorry, but he should.
  • No! I really didn’t want Blackwell to be bad…
  • Four other Balcoin children?? Really guy? Dang, he got around.
  • Wow, that was awesome! Have I mentioned about much I love Cassie??
  • Aw, Diana I kinda hate you now but don’t leave Cassie! She needs you :(
  • Faye and Jake are a couple of cuties! Who knew?
  • “The circles are coming together”??? What does that mean?
  • Oh no, Adam!! No!!
  • Why is that on Diana’s hand? What does THAT mean?
  • AND Cassie? Although she seems happier about it.
  • Omg! The other 4 Balcoins!! Ahhh!!

Ok, I NEED a season 2. Not just want it but need it, people! So did those Balcoin kids kill the rest of their circles? Then how could the circles be coming together? What? I’m confused. See? This is why I need more! I need another season to answer these questions and provide me with some witchy satisfaction. I loved it! Besides the Blackwell actually being evil part. Didn’t love that so much. But it’s ok! Positively thinking and believing the CW IS renewing this amazing show and we’re in for a whole new ride starting in September.

*Favorite Moment*

The circle getting their solo magic back. It’s fun to see them have fun again.

*What I Can’t Wait Most About Next Season*

What the four other Balcoin kids are going to be about. And how the symbol on Cassie’s hand affects her. And hopefully Cassie and Adam getting back together ♥

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