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I don’t normally like to do movie reviews for movies I don’t watch opening weekend but I went to see This Means War last night with my bff and I LOVED it! Even though it came out two weekends ago, I had to share my quick thoughts…

First of all, Reese Witherspoon is one of my favorites! Definitely in my top 3 favorite actresses, so it was a no-brainer that I’d be going to see this movie. Even without the extreme hotness of the two male leads. Speaking of which, what woman wouldn’t want to have this as a problem? Hmm, should I keep dating the über-hot Tuck (played by Tom Hardy) or the charmingly-sexy FDR (Chris Pine)…? Decisions, decisions.

I won’t give away who she picked but I will say it is who I would’ve picked too!! Although I still would’ve been happy if she picked the other guy. You can’t go wrong with these two.

So we first meet Tuck and FDR on a mission – all hot and sexy and CIA-y btw – and the set-up for the bad guy of the movie comes into play. Then we meet Lauren Scott (Reese Witherspoon). She’s the boss of a consumer testing agency and is really successful in her work like but not so much in her love life. Her friend, Trish (Chelsea Handler – who was awesomely funny in this movie) sets up an online dating profile for her and Lauren finds Tuck on there. And of course contacts him to go on a date. (Duh, who wouldn’t?? Look at the guy.)

But since Tuck and FDR are partners, FDR offers to come as back-up in case Tuck needs an out and just waits at the video store around the corner for his signal. Clearly no back-up was needed, so FDR starts checking out the ladies of the video store for his catch of the evening. After Lauren and Tuck’s date, Lauren goes to that video store to rent a movie and meets FDR – who was kind of a prick (but in a I-still-wanna-see-you-naked sort of way) as they bantered about Hitchcock movies. And then the craziness of the best-friend-CIA-partnership-falling-for-the-same-girl shenanigans ensue.

Yay, I love love love this movie!! I want to go see it again in theaters and that’s not something I typically want to do. *And I’ll be pre-ordering from Amazon, so I can have it as soon as it comes out!* Go see it, if you haven’t already!

And go to the This Means War official movie website for more!

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