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Life Unexpected!

Hello world! I’m writing this post today to ask you to watch Life Unexpected! It comes on Tuesday nights at 9pm on the CW. It’s such a great show: heartfelt, funny and addicting!! The CW didn’t give LUX a full season pick-up yet and we, the fans, need to express our want for an entire season 2 and more! You can leave feedback at the CW ( and tell them how much you love this show and don’t want it to be cancelled. Any other video bloggers, like myself, need to make a video about Life Unexpected – or just regular bloggers need to blog about it – or anyone just needs to talk about it in whatever way works best for you! Let’s Save Life Unexpected!! :D

Here’s my video about Life Unexpected:

And the ShortandSweetShow’s video:

And SAVE LUX’s video:

Halloween-ed AnjuliTV!

I love Halloween, so for the whole month of October I decided to have Halloween Fun on AnjuliTV…enjoy!

*Episode 17:
~ Friends
~ Buffy the Vampire Slayer
~ Angel

*Episode 18:
~ Bones
~ How I Met Your Mother
~ Charmed

*Episode 20:
~ My Top 13 Creepy/Scary or Just Fun Halloween-ey Movies

*Episode 21:
~ My Top 5 Halloween Themed Movies
~ My Top 5 Kids Halloween Themed Movies